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Usually this computer is school file server. The results of the exercise are also shown where applicable. Setup will now add the TypingMaster Pro program folder to the Start menu. If you want users to have access to TypingMaster ProTrainer, also check the 'ProTrainer technology' box. NOTE: Currently the Manager does not check that proper values are inserted in the Default Time field. User List This option creates a list of all the users in the selected group. Please note that the arranged typing tests see 4. The list of users shows the following information for each user: The name of the user. Do Not Collect Words Select this value to ensure that ProTrainer does not collect information on difficult words. Lesson Duration If you wish to set a specific lesson duration, select one from the list and lock this value. The Licenses are entered to TypingMaster Pro and common settings to all workstations are set. It also gives the administrator more control in defining the workstations that can have TypingMaster Pro on them. It can store personal study data of up to thousands of students recognizing any user on any workstation within the network. The new keys are shown on bottom of the edit window on the right-hand side. Select the 'Network' installation and press 'Next'. By default, all users are shown in the list. Use Windows Login When this option is selected TypingMaster Pro will automatically log in with current user's Windows user name. However, you can control many more settings and options in Common Settings, which shall be explained in this chapter in detail. Only if this limit is reach does the test appear in the users report. The report shows a detailed summary of the exercise along with information on the results of the exercise where applicable. If you are not sure whether you have the necessary rights, consult the network administrator of your organization for more details. NOTE: The user list in the Users section of the Manager is updated only when Manager is started or Refresh button is clicked. The controls for each section are situated in the menu at the left side of the screen. The installation with Concurrent licenses is recommended since it makes the terminals to reserve licenses in the most flexible way. You will be shown how to create and edit users, organize them into groups and print reports of their progress. Click on 'Next' and read the License Agreement. Recent Exercises This option creates detailed information on each student's latest exercises. The workstation is removed from the list and a used license is freed at the lower left corner of the window.

If you wish for the errors to have less of an affect, decrease this value.

If you have purchased the program as a CD shipment, the CD contains the setup package and no downloading is needed. NOTE: TypingMaster Pro supports the optionally in a networked environment, usually this additional tool is not required by schools. If you need additional language later on, you can start Setup again to install additional language s. By default, all users are shown in the list. You can see the TypingMaster software version for each workstation. Try rephrasing keywords or using synonyms make your queries as concise as. Without locking the time users can change the time from its default setting before beginning the test. The installation is quite straightforward and adheres to the usual procedures common to all installations of Windows programs. This package is available as a download from our web site. User List This option creates a list of all the users in the selected group.

You may look:
-> конспект урока по поэме в маяковского облако в штанах
Find the file 'netsetup.
-> драйвер dell n5110 atheros ar9285
Double click on the TypingMaster Pro folder in the server.
-> материал для сочинения на тему поэзия русской природы в литературе 20-ого века
Confirm that the "Everyone" group has "Full Control" permissions.
-> ответы на старые билеты по литературе опубликованные в вестнике образования№4 2005-2006
The installation is completed on all the workstations connected to the server.
-> ответы на контрольные в рфэи
Recent Exercises This option creates detailed information on each student's latest exercises.

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